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5 Ways Battlefront II Improves the Series (And 1 Big Way it Doesn’t)


5 Ways Battlefront II Improves the Series (And 1 Big Way it Doesn’t)

Some good, and then some bad.

Gameplay Improvements

Battlefront 2 feels a lot tighter and more focused than the first did, both in terms of how it plays and how it’s designed. Shooting mechanics are essentially the same, but have definitely been improved just a bit, and quality of life additions like the dodge roll give you much more mobility on the battlefield. It seems like a small change, but the roll really does impact the overall gameplay experience significantly. Starfighter Assault is where gameplay changes make the biggest impact though, as the fighters control much tighter this time, turning and rolling responsively. Abilities are more varied between the different classes of Starfighters and being able to customize their Star Cards gives some important variation and customization to the mode that the first Battlefront just didn’t have. If anything, Battlefront II’s Starfighter Assault feels like the fully realized version of Battlefront’s Fighter Squadron.

At the same time the new Battle Point system works much better for getting heroes or vehicles, instead of the random pickups of the first game. This ensures that every player will get the chance to at least play as a special class, if not a hero or vehicle as well. Earning Battle Points for almost everything you do feels rewarding, whereas if you wanted to play as a hero in the first game, you kind of just had to camp where the emblem spawned.

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