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Destiny 2 Is Getting a Free Trial Tomorrow for Every Platform


Destiny 2 Is Getting a Free Trial Tomorrow for Every Platform

If you’ve been waiting to try Destiny 2, this is your chance.

Destiny 2 may be all over the place and has been ever since its release, but maybe you haven’t been swayed just yet to purchase it. Maybe you need some time to evaluate it and see if it’s the game for you. Well, now you can with a new, free trial that’s hitting all platforms Destiny 2 is on tomorrow.

The trial will allow users on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC try out both the Crucible multiplayer mode and campaign, including two worlds: Titan and the European Dead Zone. This includes access to the first few opening campaign missions as well. Any progress made in the trial will be carried over to the full game if you decide being a Guardian is the life for you, on top of that.

Clear your schedules, which might be a little tight since jumping back on the daily grind bandwagon after the holiday weekend, and download the trial client tomorrow to see what you’ve been missing, just in time for the newest round of Destiny 2 DLC, Rise of Osiris, coming down the pipeline soon.


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