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December 2017 Xbox Games With Gold Predictions


December 2017 Xbox Games With Gold Predictions

Hopefully, Microsoft thinks we’ve been good this year.

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Xbox Live Gold members are gifted with some free games every month along with the subscription to online multiplayer through Microsoft on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PS Vita.

For the current month of November 2017, those games included Trackmania Turbo available the entire month, the entire season of Tales from the Borderlands staring Nov. 16, and for Xbox 360 owners Night into Dreams was free the first half of the month and in the second half Deadfall Adventures replaced it. The Turing Test also remained free until Nov. 16.

Although we don’t know what games are on the horizon for December 2017, we can take a stab at guessing what some of them might be. For some of the larger, more well-known game inclusions, we suspect Ubisoft’s snow-sport title Steep will make it to players if not next month then sometime very soon. Steep is an online-only game, and Microsoft usually favors online games to include in Games with Gold. As well, Steep has been offered for free in the past on all platforms including PS4 and PC alongside Xbox One back in March 2017. When it launched in December last year, it exceeded Ubisoft’s sale expectations, and a year later it would be nice for some loyal Microsoft fans to try it for free.

Another worthy candidate would be Wolfenstein: The New Order from Bethesda, which originally released in May 2014. With all the success and critical acclaim of its sequel Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus when it came out in October, it would be nice for players to have the chance to play the original first before tackling New Colossus. The Xbox Marketplace already has a bundle for The New Order and it’s standalone prequel The Old Blood, so maybe they could be included together as well.

Check out the next page where we look at what indie games might make it to Games with Gold for December 2017.

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