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CS:GO’s Matchmaking Will Now Take into Account More Than Just Skill

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CS:GO’s Matchmaking Will Now Take into Account More Than Just Skill

Matchmaking now looks at the games you play.

Valve has updated popular shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s matchmaking today. The new system will now take into account more than just skill when finding suitable players to have a match with.

Dubbed Trust Factor, the new matchmaking process looks at the time players spend on Steam as a whole and whether or not they spend most of that time playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or other games. A complete list of all the variables wasn’t made clear by the developer, though the company did state that these mechanics will change constantly according to Valve’s discretion.

This system comes right after the implementation of Prime Matchmaking by the developer, which only matched players who had a unique phone number attached to their Steam account. Trust Factor is a much broader and far-reaching algorithm in comparison, so chances are that Prime Matchmaking was deemed a success.

The goal of each system is to generate the least amount of reports as possible. These reports generally indicate that players feel unhappy with the system and are used as a litmus to gauge success. As it stands right now, Valve has stated that Trust Factor for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is being well-received according to a previously held trial run.

This new system will be how matchmaking works by default for the game going forward, though those players who prefer Prime Matchmaking can still choose to use the system for the near future. It’s currently unknown when the latter algorithm will be removed entirely.

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