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CoD WW2 Servers: How to Fix Error Code 4128


CoD WW2 Servers: How to Fix Error Code 4128

How to Fix the Error Code 4128 on CoD WW2 Servers

CoD WW2 has finally arrived and fans will already be ranking up and unlocking new perks and weapons in the game’s multiplayer modes. However, a large number of players are reporting issues with the servers, particularly to do with error code 4128. Here’s what we know about the 4128 error code so far and a few ways to try and work around the issue.

First things first, let’s talk about error code 4128. It appears as though the error code seems to be to do with fetching some players’ online profiles. It’s not known why the issue only happens to some players but not others, either.

In order to try and fix the issue, try performing a hard reset on your console. You can do this by completing powering the system off and then unplugging the power cable. Reconnect your system, turn it back on and try jumping into the CoD WW2 servers again.

If this fails to resolve error code 4128, you may want to try uninstalling and reinstalling CoD WW2. Though it’s worth noting again that this doesn’t seem to always be alleviating the issue for some players.

If you’re still having issues with the CoD WW2 servers and are being greeted with error code 4128, you’re fresh out of luck on troubleshooting fixes. This may be a temporary server issue while traffic is particularly high, or just something that Sledgehammer Games needs to iron out with the servers. With a bit of luck, we’ll get a patch to completely rectify the issue in the near future.

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