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CoD WW2: How to Get Secret Characters in Zombies


CoD WW2: How to Get Secret Characters in Zombies

How to Get Secret Characters in CoD WW2: Zombies

Whenever you’re getting ready to start facing hordes of zombies within CoD WW2’s Nazi Zombies mode, you’ll have an opportunity to choose a character. You may have noticed at this point that there are six locked characters that you cannot pick from, from the start. Well, these are more skins than full-fledged new secret characters, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless, right? Adds flair to a game mode you might have played to death already. Each one requires accomplishing certain tasks. Here’s how to unlock these secret characters (skins) in CoD WW2.

Assassin – For the first of the secret characters in CoD WW2’s Zombies, you’ll need to defeat the Panzermorder by wave 12, without upgrading weapons, without blitz, without going down, and without specials/mods/consumables.

B.A.T. Elite – Saved Klaus by yourself by wave 16, in less than 75 minutes, without going down, and without mods/specials/consumables.

B.A.T. Agent – Kill a treasure zombie for the first time, defeat Panzermorder for the first time, survive 25 waves, unlock the weapon upgrade station, and assemble the Tesla gun by wave six.

Survivalist – Survive 30 waves without going down, without using blitz, without turning on the power, with only starting weapons, and with only two mystery box purchases.

Mountaineer – Survive 20 waves without opening doors, survive 20 waves without going down and without opening doors, survive 25 waves in the Prologue, survive 25 waves without going down in the Prologue, and survive 25 waves without unlocking the secret room in the Prologue.

Hunter – Get the Fireworks Achievement/Trophy and kill an amount of Santa Zombies, which spawn in very randomly and rarely for the last of the secret characters in CoD WW2’s Zombies.

That’s all there is to getting the secret characters in the Zombies mode of CoD WW2. If we find any new information on any of these, we’ll be sure to update the post. Leave a comment down below with any questions you may have, or check out our wiki for yourself!

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