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CoD WW2: How to Throw Grenades


CoD WW2: How to Throw Grenades

How to Throw Grenades in CoD WW2

CoD WW2 is finally out, and it’s time to go back to the franchise’s roots with World War II action. You won’t have the fancy shmancy weapons you’ve come to know from the latest games, but you’ll have a ton of firepower nonetheless. Grenades are no exception. Here’s how to throw grenades in the game.

In order to throw a grenade, you simply have to hit RB on Xbox One or R1 on PS4. You can hold it down to cook it for more time, but be careful with doing so. You never know, it could totally blow up in your face. You aim your grenades simply, by the way. Wherever your cursor is looking is where it will go. Try aiming higher if you want it to go further, and lower if you’re looking for a more close-range explosive. You’ll be able to equip different kinds of these bad boys and each will help you turn the tide of war.

That’s about all there is to throwing grenades in CoD WW2! Let us know in the comments if we can help answer any other questions you might have, or check out our wiki for answers yourself!

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