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CoD WW2: Best Rifle for Multiplayer


CoD WW2: Best Rifle for Multiplayer

The best gun for short to long range combat.

Best Rifle For Multiplayer in CoD WW2

Just like most shooters, you need to have a hard-hitting gun to accompany your twitch-based skills in order to decimate foes in Call of Duty: WWII. For those who prefer to wield guns that can decently cover short-range to long-range shootouts, the rifle weapon class is best suited for you. However, which one among the seven rifles is the best in CoD WW2?

There’s a reason why CoD WW2 requires players to reach rank 52 before they unlock the BAR or Browning Automatic Rifle. The BAR’s moderate recoil combined with a fast fire rate can easily shred enemies in short to mid-range combat. If the enemy isn’t too far, you can kill them with three body shots. You can try equipping the Advanced Rifling modification so you can easily kill enemies in farther distances.

One of your main concerns when using the BAR is its low 20 bullets per clip. Because of this, you’ll likely get into trouble if you go trigger happy with this gun, especially, if you equip the rapid fire modification. Nevertheless, you can increase your weapon’s magazine size with a mod to offset this weakness. Additionally, you can also try equipping the Duelist perk so you can switch to a good short-range secondary weapon whenever you have to reload. Also, don’t forget that you can bayonet enemies if you have the Infantry Division selected.

The BAR is also a great weapon to use in Nazi Zombies. You can get this weapon in the Morgue area in The Final Reich map.

As for semi-automatic rifles, the SVT-40 is definitely the strongest, hence why it’s unlocked only after Infantry Prestige 1. This gun has a long range and kills enemies with two bullets.

For more guides and tips on CoD WW2, make sure to check our ever-expanding wiki.

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