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CoD WW2: How to Aim Down Sights and Scopes


CoD WW2: How to Aim Down Sights and Scopes

How to Aim Down Sights and Scopes to Snipe in CoD WW2

CoD WW2 is finally out, and it’s time for you to return to World War II. The series returns to its roots, and gone are all the fancy gizmos we had in later entries to the franchise. Aiming down your sights or scopes, though, that’s timeless. Here’s exactly how to aim in this one.

To aim down your sights in the game, simply hold LT on Xbox One or L2 on PS4. This will change your view as you look down your weapon’s sights. It increases your accuracy for sure, so it’s smart to not shoot from the hip left and right, and only reserve that for when you’re taken by surprise or surrounded. You can have a scope or any other type of attachment that affects this and it works the same. A scope will allow you to look even further down the battlefield, and helps you become the sniper of your dreams.

That’s really all there is to aiming in CoD WW2! The gameplay remains the same whether you’re in the single player, multiplayer, or zombies modes. Leave a comment if you need anymore help with the game, or check out our wiki for yourself!

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