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Top 10 Best Anime to Get You in the Holiday Spirit


Top 10 Best Anime to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

From holiday cheer to winter romances.

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Lucky Star (Episode 11)

Not everyone is looking for a super deep and emotional story during the holiday season. Sometimes you just want something to lift your spirits and remind you that the holiday season is a time for friends and fun. Lucky Star is a fun slice-of-life anime that highlights all things adorable and cheerful.

Combining the Lucky Star tone with the overall joy of holiday cheer is a recipe for a lighthearted Christmas special that’s all laughs and smiles. The holidays are just around the corner in this episode, which causes the girls to have various conversations exploring their outlook on the holiday season. From discussing Christmas cakes to buying sketchy Christmas cookies, this is a fun episode with holiday cheer sprinkled throughout without trying to shove you knee deep in your feels at the same time.

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