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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: How to Customize Your Camper


Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: How to Customize Your Camper

How to Customize Your Camper in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Your camp site isn’t the only thing you can change to suit your style in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Your camper can be changed both inside and out in a similar fashion. Here’s what you need to know to customize your camper in Pocket Camp.

Tap on your camper and you’ll be taken inside, where you’ll find similar options to the camp site itself. You can move pieces of furniture around and purchase new items like kitchens or beds by going through the same menus as before.

More importantly, you can visit a place called OK Motors (look for it on your map) to customize the exterior of the camper. Your first visit to OK Motors in Pocket Camp will be free and you can choose a number of different colors and maybe even add some racing stripes. Visit again and you’ll be able to change the style of the camper, increase the size of the interior, or add a special coat of paint. Some options won’t be available to you initially (according to the penguins who run the company, they’re ‘fully booked out’) but keep increasing your level and you’ll soon unlock them all.

The cost of each adjustment won’t appear until after the upgrade is complete but don’t panic, if you don’t have enough bells you’ll be automatically be given the option to pay it back via a loan (or if you do have enough bells, you can pay it off straight away). Click on the ‘more’ button at the bottom of the screen and click ‘loan’ to get a breakdown of what you owe and what you want to pay back.

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