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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: How to Catch Bugs


Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: How to Catch Bugs

How to Catch Bugs & Insects in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp brings players even more outdoor action than they had before in the series. This time around, it’s all about camping. However, you’ll still be doing the same activities you’re used to. Here’s how you’ll catch bugs in the game now.

Whenever you’re in a recreation zone that has bugs or insects, your character will automatically bust out their bug catching net. There’s nothing special you’ll need to do to equip it or anything like that; it will already be out and ready to use. Next, to actually catch some bugs, you’ll want to spot them. They can appear on the ground, on a tree trunk, or flying through the air. Whatever it is that they’re doing, you’ll want to tap on them and your character will move towards them sneakily. Once you see an exclamation point appear on the screen, it’s your time to strike. You’ll need to tap your screen and if you’ve done it correctly, you’ll have caught it!

These make for great gifts to some of the animals that can potentially visit you, so keep them around to have handy in case there are any requests. That’s all there is to catching bugs and insects in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

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