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Agent Safeword Joins Agents of Mayhem


Agent Safeword Joins Agents of Mayhem

Kinzie makes a dazzling return.

Agents of Mayhem continues to receive new content, today in the form of Agent Safeword, as Kinzie Kensington joins the game. Deep Silver announced the new character today, a Saints Row veteran who brings her venerable hacking skills to assist in fighting back against the nefarious LEGION.

Agent Safeword’s new Agent Pack brings Safeword to the forefront of Agents of Mayhem with new lines of dialogue, agent missions, and more personal backstory for Kinzie herself. Kinzie was an integral part of Saints Row: The Third, and Saints Row 4, so if you enjoyed having her around before, you’ll get another healthy dose of the geeky hacker girl in her new “Agent” form.

See Agent Safeword in action in the new trailer below. You can hop online with Agents of Mayhem and grab Kenzie/Agent Safeword right now, just in time to get over hump day with one of the sassiest computer wizards in the world of Agents of Mayhem/Saints Row.


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