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5 Best Board Game Gift Ideas For the 2017 Holidays


5 Best Board Game Gift Ideas For the 2017 Holidays

Board games with the depth of video games

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5 Best Board Game Gift Ideas 2017

Harmonix, the OGs of rhythm video games, has ventured into the board game space in a pretty impressive way. Dropmix uses popular real-life licensed songs, that yes, you can actually listen to via these magical NFC cards, and play a strategic card game that isn’t too overwhelming for friends that might come over and can’t be bothered to learn a complicated game.

It can be played both single-player, or ideally as a party game with friends. It has multiple ways to play, including a fast-paced mode which requires you to think on your feet. As long as you don’t hate music, this could be a hit board game with you and your friends this year. It’s very casual gamer friendly.

Dropmix’s official page via Hasbro has more information about the game if you’re interested.

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