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10 Gaming Gift Ideas for the Holidays 2017


10 Gaming Gift Ideas for the Holidays 2017

Surprise a loved one with these awesome gaming gift ideas.

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Mouse/Keyboard Upgrades for PC

10 Gaming Gift Ideas for the Holidays 2017

Razer Basilisk

Solid computers built for gaming are expensive enough before considering high-end peripheral upgrades to stuff like your keyboard and mouse. You can do someone a solid and upgrade for them. Giants like Logitech and Razer both have a wide selection of really cool/fancy equipment that you can peruse.

If you’re buying for a Counter-Strike, Overwatch, or just FPS fan in general, we recently reviewed the new Razer Basilisk and thought that was pretty great. It allows for players to fine-tune things like scroll wheel resistance and mouse sensitivity (DPI) on the fly which is really neat.

If stuff like League of Legends, StarCraft 2, or other action-per-minute heavy games is more their thing, there’s nothing like a good clicky mechanical keyboard. Any of the Logitech G keyboards are an excellent choice.

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