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Wolfenstein 2: How to Change Weapons


Wolfenstein 2: How to Change Weapons

Be quick about it.

How to Change Weapons in Wolfenstein 2

Wolfenstein 2 offers players a nice variety of different weapons to experiment with and, depending on the situation you’re in, you’ll probably want to swap between them to be more effective in combat. As you pick up and discover multiple weapons, you’ll unlock the Wolfenstein 2’s weapon wheel, which is what you’ll be using to change weapons.

To open the weapon wheel and change weapons, simply press and hold the R1 button (or RB if you’re on Xbox One). You’ll then have to use the right stick to select the weapon you want to equip. Highlight the weapon of your choice, and then release the R1 button to exit the weapon wheel and have Blaskowicz equip it. However, do be warned that opening up the weapon wheel doesn’t pause the in-game time at all. This means that if you’re caught in the middle of a firefight and want to change weapons, your enemies can still fire at you and injure you while you’re making your selection. Try to get behind some cover before accessing the wheel to make your changes.

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