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Wolfenstein 2: Which Contraption You Should Get


Wolfenstein 2: Which Contraption You Should Get

Which Contraption You Should Get in Wolfenstein 2

Roughly halfway through Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus you will be given the chance to choose between three contraptions, each of which dramatically alters the gameplay for the following missions. The three contraption choices are:

Battle Walker: Allows you to reach high platforms using mechanical legs that can be extended. The Stamina Upgrade overcharges your health until you take damage.

Constrictor Harness: Allows you to access narrow spaces while crouched. The Iron Lung Upgrade increases the duration you’re able to remain constricted.

Ram Shackles: Allows you to smash through certain doors, walls, and boxes. The Mechanic Upgrade regenerates armor.

The Battle Walker contraption is useful for when you want to reach higher platforms, using height to your advantage. Many of the missions in the latter part of the game are designed with this in mind, helping you attack from different vantage points.

The Constrictor Harness contraption is probably the least useful because, while it is useful for stealth, there are fewer opportunities to use it than the other two contraptions. However, if you approach every situation quietly, it may be a good option for you.

Ram Shackles are probably the most useful contraption in Wolfenstein 2. Not only do they open up alternative routes, you can knock enemies to the ground by sprinting at them. You do not have to melee attack and they become much easier to kill once they’re been rammed into. This secondary use means they regularly come into play in-game, making them more useful than the other two options.

If you want to test the other two out after you’ve picked one contraption in Wolfenstein 2, they can be unlocked through side missions on Eva’s Hammer towards the end of the game.

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