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Wolfenstein 2: How to Equip Silencers


Wolfenstein 2: How to Equip Silencers

How to Equip Silencers in Wolfenstein 2

One of the main gameplay additions to Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is the new weapon upgrade system. It allows you to use upgrade packs found around the game’s world to add things such as extended magazines, scopes, or special bullet compatibility to your arsenal of weapons. Silencers can also be added to a selection of those weapons in this same way.

Once you’ve found yourself an upgrade pack in Wolfenstein 2, press the touch pad if you’re on PlayStation 4, or the view button if you’re on Xbox One, to go to Wolfenstein 2’s in-game menu. Scroll along to the weapons tab, where you’ll see a list of the weapons you have unlocked. Clicking on the name of the weapon you’d like to upgrade will bring up the possible options. Unfortunately, only a few of the weapons (pistole and maschinenpistole) are compatible with silencers. To unlock one and equip the silencer to the weapon, press X/A on the upgrade option, using your upgrade pack. You can also remove the silencer again from this same menu by clicking on the option again. Unfortunately, there is no way to unlock silencers for more powerful weapons such as the Schockhammer or the Laserkraftwerk, nor can you remove a silencer during the action. Unlocking them for the weapons they’re compatible with, however, makes stealth gameplay much easier and more successful.

That is how you equip silencers in Wolfenstein 2. For more tips, trick and guides, check back with Twinfinite.


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