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4 Ways Destiny 2’s Next Faction Rally Can Be Even Better


4 Ways Destiny 2’s Next Faction Rally Can Be Even Better

Factions for the win.

Destiny 2’s first faction rally has come to a close. Guardians from all around the world pledged their allegiance to either Dead Orbit, Future War Cult, or New Monarchy and put boots to ground as they earned their favor. Killing enemies, delving into Lost Sectors, challenging other Guardians, and completing end game content allowed players to earn tokens which they could turn in for faction-exclusive gear, while also contributing to their chosen banner’s victory. It was an interesting event that got everyone on and venturing into public spaces, an element of the game that, if used to its fullest potential, will keep Destiny 2 alive for years to come.

However, being this sequel’s first major live event, it did have its issues. Bungie has proven that it’s a developer that is constantly learning and there’s no doubt that they’ll be pulling lessons from this recent event. To help out, we’ve come up with a few features that we think should stay and others that should probably leave or get some changes. 

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