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Ten Feel-Good Titles To Brighten Up Your Day


Ten Feel-Good Titles To Brighten Up Your Day

Let these games put a big smile on your face.

Tropico 4


Tropico 4 combines two of the most uplifting things known to humanity — exotic postcard-worthy views and undivided power. As the president of a tropical island, you’ll pave your people’s way to living in a paradise on Earth — as long as they don’t question your authority, of course. Being a dictator may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but luckily you have trusty advisors on your side to help you through the pitfalls of leadership. Be evil or kind, it doesn’t matter, as building up a police state is quite fun and sticking to the welfare state arrangement is rewarding. Satisfying citizens, coping with natural disasters and turning a wildland into an embodiment of progress and wealth is no easy job, but with the lush greenery and soothing music, it’s almost relaxing.


This post was originally written by Olga Ivanova.

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