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Super Mario Odyssey: How to Beat the Pyramid Guardian Boss


Super Mario Odyssey: How to Beat the Pyramid Guardian Boss

Watch out for those fists.

How to Beat the Pyramid Guardian Boss in Super Mario Odyssey

After completing your first outing to the inverted pyramid in Super Mario Odyssey, you’ll learn that your business in the Desert Kingdom isn’t quite finished just yet. On the contrary, the temperature has only dropped even lower. You’ll need to head back to the pyramid once more to see what’s causing all of this. Once there, Mario is faced with a terrifying pyramid guardian boss who accuses him of stealing the legendary binding ring.

This Super Mario Odyssey boss looks much more intimidating than the Broodals because of its large fists, but it’s a mechanically simple fight to understand. You’ll notice ice patches protruding from the ground. What you want to do is try to bait the pyramid guardian boss into landing its fist punches into the ice. You can do this by standing on the ice, and dodging at the last second to have the fists hit it. After this, the fist will be momentarily stunned, and you can use Cappy to take control of it. Your goal is to pilot the fist and ram it straight into the pyramid guardian’s face while dodging its icicle projectiles.

You’ll have to hit his face three times to finish the fight, but in between each phase, the guardian will change up his moves. The most dangerous move is in the last phase of this Super Mario Odyssey boss fight, where it’ll try to squash Mario with both palms. Just watch how the pyramid guardian’s palms are lined up, then move out of the danger zone. If you ever get low on health, get the pyramid guardian boss to break the ice patches that contain hearts to heal up.

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