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Stranger Things Season 2 Gets One Last Trailer Before Release

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Stranger Things Season 2 Gets One Last Trailer Before Release

It’s not just in Will’s head.

There are only two more weeks separating fans from the new season of Stranger Things. But there was one last trailer hidden up Netflix’s sleeves showing us more Eleven and a better look at what is going on with Will.

The trailer included below, fills at least some of the gaps the first season cliffhanger left us with. Although not giving away too many spoilers or story details still, there are a few things we can easily see from this trailer. Eleven has been keeping herself active with the help of the Eggo Waffle stash left to her by Hooper. Will is in and out of hospitals, undergoing a series of evaluations after returning from the Upside Down. But most intriguing, clips show us that the people of Hawkins are preparing for “Judgement Day.”

This trailer also sheds more light on the new threat, a still-mysterious shadow monster that makes the Demogorgon look like a puppy with a nasty bite.

The latest trailer is the last one but is only one of the ways Netflix has been advertising their retro sci-fi title. Stranger Things has also received a mobile game, promotional videos, as well as posters designed after other classic films that inspired the show.

All of the episodes for Stranger Things Season 2 will premiere on Oct. 27.

Stranger Things is exclusive to Netflix.

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