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Stardew Valley: How to Complete the Spring Foraging Bundle


Stardew Valley: How to Complete the Spring Foraging Bundle

How to Collect the Spring Foraging Bundle in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley features a ton of activities that you can do around Pelican Town. One such thing to focus your attention on each day is the Community Center. It’s smart to try and complete all of the bundles as soon as possible, because the perks are really great. The Spring Foraging Bundle is one of the easiest and first ones you can finish.

This bundles tasks you with finding a Leek, a Daffodil, a Dandelion, and a Wild Horseradish. These foraging bundles in general are all about finding the crops out in the wild. Each day, travel around town and look for the different crops. They’re found sprouting around, or they can even be harvested out of whatever grows from “mixed seeds.” Mixed seeds can sometimes be found from chopping down trees or shrubs. They grow just like regular crop seeds, except they specifically will grow the wild crops of whatever season they’re planted within.

But, still, your best and easiest way to complete the Spring Foraging bundle is by just walking around town each day and picking up the leeks, dandelions, daffodils, or wild horseradishes that you may encounter. When you deliver all of them to the Community Center, you’ll get thirty Spring Seeds. These grow those exact same crops for a good little bulk of cash!

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