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Stardew Valley: How to Befriend Pierre (Likes & Dislikes)


Stardew Valley: How to Befriend Pierre (Likes & Dislikes)

Call him the store guy.

How to Befriend Pierre in Stardew Valley

If you’re going to be focusing on farming and planting crops in Stardew Valley, Pierre is the one NPC you’ll get to know very well over the course of the game. He runs the store in town, which is where you’ll buy most of your seeds and the much-needed backpack to upgrade your inventory space.

Birthday: Spring 26

Loves: Fried Calamari

Likes: Daffodil, Dandelion

Neutral: All fruits (except Salmonberry)

Dislikes: Chanterelle, Common Mushroom, Hazelnut, Holly, Leek, Morel, Salmonberry, Purple Mushroom, Snow Yam, Wild Horseradish, Winter Root

Hates: Corn, Garlic, Parsnip Soup, Tortilla

As you get to know Pierre better, your friendship level will also start to raise. You can check your friendship levels from the menu at any time, and the hearts for each character will let you know how close you are, and when you can trigger the special character-specific events with them. For Pierre, you can trigger events at three and six hearts.

Three Hearts: After you’ve reached this level, Pierre will send you a special recipe, which you can obtain by checking the farm mailbox.

Six Hearts: Once you’ve hit six hearts, simply walk into the general store while it’s open to trigger the event.

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