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Stardew Valley Fishing Guide: Everything You Need to Know


Stardew Valley Fishing Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Fishing in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley has a wide variety of activities you can partake in, from mining, to farming, to fishing. Here’s everything you need to know about one of the more productive ways to spend your time within Pelican Town.

If you want to fish, you’re going to need a rod. In order to get one, you need to first wait for around days two or three within the game. You’ll receive a letter in your mailbox. Opening your mailbox is as easy as heading over to it and interacting with it, and you’ll find a nice little note from Willy. He’s the fisherman in town, and he’s returned from an overseas adventure. He calls for you to meet with him as he’s gotten you a gift. What an exceedingly nice neighbor, right? Well, go to the beach (bottom right-hand corner on the map) and you’ll be treated with a fishing rod! It’s very basic, but it will do for now.

Actually fishing is a bit of a tricky mini-game in Stardew Valley. You’re going to want to go to any body of water and have your fishing rod equipped. Use your rod on the water and you’ll notice that a bar had filled up. You can hold down the button for using the rod and release it when the bar is full to throw your tackle further. Once it’s floating in the water, you need to wait until a fish bites. You’ll know you have a real bite when the bobble goes under the water. You’ll hear a sound, see splashes, and actually see the bobble go under. It’s time to once again hit the button for using your rod and catch the fish!

Next will be another mini-game wherein a bar shows up with a little bar and a fish on it. The objective here is to keep the bar surrounding the fish until you’ve fully caught it. It’s tougher if it’s a better fish, as the fish icon will move all over the place trying to lose you. My tip is to press the button repeatedly and gently to keep it in a spot where the icon is on par with the bar. Once you’ve done this for long enough, you’ll have caught it!




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