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South Park Fractured But Whole: How to Choose a Gender


South Park Fractured But Whole: How to Choose a Gender

How to Choose a Gender in South Park: The Fractured But Whole

A huge part of the South Park games is the look of the character you are playing as and it is important in every piece of superhero-centric entertainment that the hero themselves are meticulously detailed. In South Park: The Fractured But Whole, you can choose a skin color, where the darker your skin means the higher the difficulty is, and you can also choose which gender you identify as.

Not far from the very beginning of the game, The Coon will assign you a few quests that prompt you to head to places on the map and visit particular locations. These quests act as both an induction and as a chance to fill out your all-important superhero character sheet. One of the places you will be asked to go to is the Elementary School, which you can find over on the left hand side of the South Park map.

Once you’re there, head inside and to the Counsellor’s Office – this is the first time that you’ll meet Mr Mackey. Sit on the chair and you’ll be asked to assign yourself a gender. The conversation with Mr Mackey is quite awkward and depending on the option you choose, he may decide to call your parents to get a better understanding of your decision, but he always means well. You weren’t able to choose your gender in The Stick of Truth, so this is something new for the South Park game series.

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