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Sigurd and Deirdre Revealed for Fire Emblem Heroes

fire emblem heroes

Sigurd and Deirdre Revealed for Fire Emblem Heroes

These two heroes could be meta-shifting

The newest Fire Emblem Heroes banner will feature Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War protagonist Sigurd and his wife Deirdre when it drops on Oct. 16.

In North America, only hardcore Fire Emblem fans have gotten to meet these heroes personally before now. Genealogy of the Holy War released for the Super Famicom in 1996, before the series came to western markets. Still, these tragic heroes are often sighted as some of the most popular in the franchise.

In Heroes, both Sigurd and Deirdre show incredible promise. Both have top tier legendary weapons and have the tools to counter most of the biggest threats in the arena, including Reinhardt and Brave Lyn.

Sigurd, the Holy Knight, wields the Divine Tyrfing, a sword that adds 3 points to his resistance stat and halves damage from mages first attacks so long as his HP is over 50%. It has 16 might, among the most powerful in the game, as well. His slot B skill makes him an even better magic and archer counter, lowering his damage taken by 80% when facing consecutive attacks from foes two squares away. Miracle, Close Defense, and Speed Smoke 3 round out his base kit. Sigurd also rides a horse in battle, giving him an extra point to movement and making him eligible for Horse Emblem buffs. He is easily a top-tier unit in the current metagame.

Deirdre, Lady of the Forest, fights with the Divine Naga tome. It’s super effective against Dragons and nullifies all buffs on enemy characters. At 14 might, this green tome allows her to crush Reinhardt right out of the box. She also has Ardent Sacrifice, Quick Riposte, and Speed Ploy available as soon as you summon her. While she lacks the defenses her husband has, Deirdre will also be a top tier unit thanks to her legendary weapon.

A third hero Tailtia, the Thunder Noble, will join these two juggernauts and round out the banner. She has a standard blue tome, Blarblade+, Rally Spd/Res, Attack/Res 2, and Drive Speed. While not as impressive as Sigurd or Dierdre, Tailtia could still prove useful on certain Fire Emblem Heroes teams.

The banner launches on Monday, Oct 16., so save your orbs if you hope to obtain these heroes! You can watch the full trailer below.

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This post was originally written by Tyler Kelbaugh.

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