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Sea of Thieves Will Challenge Players with Skeleton Forts

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Sea of Thieves Will Challenge Players with Skeleton Forts


Sea of Thieves is one of the most anticipated Microsoft exclusive games on the horizon and we can’t wait to team up with our friends and take to the high seas in search of booty and adventure. If you’re excited for Sea of Thieves then you’ll want to check out some new information released about the game which reveals you’ll have to go up against Skeleton Forts.

Whilst skeletons will be enemies you’ll encounter on your voyages, Skeleton Forts are small islands that have been taken over by skeletons and will require some skill from players in order to be defeated.

As the game’s official forums state, n these islands, you will find that skeletons have established battlements and fortifications that are manned by a skeleton captain and his crew. Players will have to use all their skill to take these forts but no doubt they will offer rewards for those who manage to.

Will you and your crew have what it takes to overcome these forts, or will you stay on dry land while it’s safe like a landlubber?


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