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5 Popular Destiny 2 Iron Banner Weapons and Some Excellent Alternatives


5 Popular Destiny 2 Iron Banner Weapons and Some Excellent Alternatives

There’s a weapon for everyone.

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Uriel’s Gift (Energy Auto)

There’s a very good chance that you have died to this weapon during Iron Banner. It’s one of the best auto rifles currently available in Destiny 2 and for several good reasons. For starters, it has the Precision Frame intrinsic perk which grants it more controllable recoil. It also has range that rivals some of the best scout rifles and packs a serious punch thanks to High-Caliber Rounds. Tying that all up is the Tap the Trigger perk which grants even great stability when the trigger is first pulled. Feathering the trigger leads to a stream of death with great accuracy.

Uriel’s Gift also happens to be one of Destiny 2’s energy weapons, meaning that not only is this a deadly weapon, but it also excels at shutting down players in their super, so there’s no surprise that it’s seeing so much use in Iron Banner’s Control. After all, you need to be ready for anything when holding down a zone.


  • Prosecutor (Trials Energy) – This weapon beats Uriel’s Gift in almost every way, lacking only slightly in the range department. If you can give up a bit of distance, you get all the same perks here with better handling speed and stability.
  • Ghost Primus (Raid Kinetic) – A lot of Guardians have been sleeping on this auto rifle which is obtainable by completing (or having your clan complete) the Leviathan Raid. It’s a great all-around weapon that deals extra damage with the end of the clip, and increases its accuracy when the clip gets low as well. Definitely more of a mid-range weapon, though, as it lacks the range its energy alternatives offer.
  • Origin Story (Kinetic) – With solid range and stability, plus the Rampage perk, this weapon is perfect for the current Iron Banner. It gains damage for each kill, so since most players are running groups, that makes the Origin Story quite useful. Just manage to pick off one and the next becomes easier.
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