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5 Popular Destiny 2 Iron Banner Weapons and Some Excellent Alternatives


5 Popular Destiny 2 Iron Banner Weapons and Some Excellent Alternatives

There’s a weapon for everyone.

MIDA Multi-Tool (Exotic Kinetic Scout)

It’s no secret that scout rifles, particularly the MIDA Multi-Tool, have taken over Destiny 2’s Crucible, and that includes activities within the PvP side of the game such as Trials of the Nine and the newly available Iron Banner. The weapons offer a simple and efficient way to take out opponents from a distance, so they’re a no-brainer. Have a few of your teammates running a MIDA, and you can team-shoot down a lane and eliminate even the toughest Guardians (even while they’re in their super).

MIDA Multi-tool is popular for more than just being a scout rifle though. First, is the ease of obtaining such a great weapon. While this gun is far from the most powerful, it’s quite versatile, has useful perks, and is a guaranteed drop from a pretty simple quest. Those perks, by the way, are increased movement speed and the MIDA radar, which lets you aim down sights and keep your radar (quite useful for catching enemies unawares as they run around corners).


Every great weapon in Destiny 2 has an alternative, and the Multi-tool is no exception. There are some damn good options for Iron Banner if you really need them and they include:

  • Nameless Midnight (Kinetic) – Very high impact and explosive rounds make each shot hit like a truck. Solid range and stability make it one of the best scouts in the game.
  • Does Not Compute(Kinetic) – Another scout with the High-Impact Frame, this weapon offers great stability and, thanks to Moving Target, helps your shots hit home more often while also granting you increased movement speed.
  • Pleiades Corrector (Energy) – This Future War Cult weapon has maxed handling, so you can ready the weapon and start firing much quicker, and you even get a speed boost from it. Throw in High-Caliber Rounds and Rampage and you have one dangerous, long-range killing machine. Also, since it’s an energy rifle, it will do more damage against shields and enemies in their super.
  • Haunted Earth (Kinetic) – Like it or not, this is the Faction Rally weapon we got, and despite its slower firing speed, it’s actually pretty darn good. It does an insane amount of damage and has one of the best ranges out of all available scout rifles. Field Prep means you carry more ammo and can reload faster as well. Definitely a gun built for PvP and Iron Banner.
  • The Guiding Sight  (Kinetic) – This is an Iron Banner weapon that has a High Impact frame, resulting in tons of damage from an extended range. Plus, Pulse Monitor means extra rounds when you’re close to death.

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