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Overwatch: All New Halloween Terror 2017 Emotes


Overwatch: All New Halloween Terror 2017 Emotes

The Mei one is a must-have.

All New Halloween Terror 2017 Emotes in Overwatch

Overwatch’s Halloween Terror seasonal event is back once again, and this time around not only are there numerous new skins and cosmetic items, but the Junkenstein’s Revenge brawl is getting some tweaks to.

Last year you could play as Solider: 76, McCree, Ana, or Hanzo aganist waves of enemies in a PvE brawl, and this year you will also be able to try out a new team of Widowmaker, Zenyatta, Torbjorn, and Genji. Symetra will also be included as a new villain in Juneknestien’s Army, joining the ranks of the Reaper, Junkenstein’s Monster (Roadhog), and the Witch (Mercy).

Along with all the new skins that you can check out here, some new emotes will be releasing today and are available to unlock or purchase until the event’s end date on Nov. 1.

Last year, we got three new Halloween emotes include Winston making some shadow puppets with his gorilla feet, Reinhardt smashing a pumpkin with his huge Rocket Hammer, and Ana daintily dropping candy around her feet for all the kids to enjoy. This year however we have two brand new emotes for both Mei and Torbjorn.

Torbjorn’s emote is called “Batter Up” and has him throw some of his hot ammo metal into the air, and send it everywhere as he smashes it with his hammer. It’s actually pretty close to Reinhardt’s emote form last year, if you just replace pumpkins with fire-hot melted metal.

Next up is Mei, who adorably hops forward like a zombie with her pal Snowball leading the way. The emote is aptly called “Hopping” and at this point who know how long she could be hopping for.

Make sure to pick these up either in Trick-or-Treat loot boxes or by purchasing them with in-game currency before the Halloween Terror 2017 seasonal event is over.

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