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November 2017 Xbox Games With Gold Predictions


November 2017 Xbox Games With Gold Predictions

Free games are always appreciated.

Top 25 Best Video Games 2016 Titanfall 2



Every month, owners of both an Xbox One or Xbox 360 have a chance to pick some free games if they subscribe to Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold Membership that also offers online functionality. For October, we saw some pretty great games some to Games with Gold including Gone Home free for the entire month and The Turing Test from Oct. 16 – Nov. 15 for Xbox One, along with Rayman 3 HD from Oct. 1 – 15 and Metal of Honor: Airborne from Oct. 16 – 31 for Xbox 360.

So usually there are a couple bigger games headlining the list to keep fans happy, and for November 2017 we suspect Titanfall 2 should make an appearance on the list for a few reasons. The first is it has been released for a certain length of time now that usually qualifies games for making the Games with Gold list, first available in October 2016 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Another is the game was actually free at one point for both Xbox One and PC through the membership of EA Access on Xbox One and Origin Access on PC at the end of July. Seeing as it was already free once via other memberships means it’s not hard to imagine it some day, if not this month then sometime soon, making its way to Games with Gold.

Another bigger game for the Xbox 360 crowd that would make a good inclusion is the first episode of Tales from the Borderlands from Telltale. Both Games with Gold and PS Plus have been known to often include the first episode of a Telltale series to intrigue fans into purchasing the rest of the season, and while PS Plus has already offered Tales from the Borderlands on its membership service, Xbox has yet to include it in its own.

Borderlands 2 was actually somewhat recently offered in Games with Gold in February 2017, so it would be great for Microsoft to continue the Gearbox train and offer some more adventures in the Borderlands.

Check out page two where we go over the other possible indie inclusion that could make the list in November 2017.

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