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6 More Nintendo Series We Want to See Get Their Own Mobile Games


6 More Nintendo Series We Want to See Get Their Own Mobile Games

Bring us some more classics.

Mario Party

Mario Party is one of the go-to games you think of when trying to come up with party games, and for good reason. Each Mario Party game is jam-packed with fun little minigames, so much so that Nintendo is even releasing a 3DS game with the 100 best from the series. It’s for this reason that the series would be such a perfect fit for mobile, similar to other party games like the Jackbox Party Pack or Heads Up.

A mobile Mario Party could create entirely new minigames themed around mobile experiences, integrating features like the touch screen and gyroscope. It’d be an easy thing to set up too, just allowing four or maybe eight players to crowd around a table with their phones and play a match or two of Mario Party. Of course, you could also include an online mode to let people experience the game without having to meet up, but the real focus of Mario Party would be for, well, parties. Considering a big part of mobile gaming is follow-up support, something Nintendo’s done a good job of with Fire Emblem Heroes, there’s no reason you couldn’t periodically introduce new minigames or game modes after release. There’s been some fun mobile party games out there, but like Nintendo has done before, they could have a chance to do something entirely new on phones with Mario Party.

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