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Middle-earth Shadow of War: 3 Things You Should Do First


Middle-earth Shadow of War: 3 Things You Should Do First

Things You Should Do First in Middle-earth Shadow of War

Shadow of War gives you a lot of freedom to choose your path through the game. To get the best out of your experiences, there are a few things you should do right off the bat as soon as they become available. Getting these tasks out of the way first will ensure you won’t get overwhelmed at any point and will get you items and followers that will make your life a lot easier.

Cleanse All the Haedir Towers

The very first thing you should do when you enter a new area is to visit all of the Haedir Towers. These towers give you a fast travel point, which makes getting around the map a lot quicker, and you can use them to find the collectibles in the region. Once you know where all the collectibles are, getting to them is easy, and you’ll end up picking a lot of them up during your regular travels. Without revealing their location, you’ll find yourself spending a lot of extra time backtracking to find them.

Ride Caragors

Soon after you start the game, you’ll be able to access the ability to ride caragors. A caragor is a force multiplier in many ways. You can travel faster when on a caragor. Your lethality goes up, especially since your caragor can instantly kill any soldier that’s been knocked down and regain health by doing so. You can also jump from their back and have them fight beside you while you’re on foot. Caragors will be your best friends for the first hours of the game until you start getting your hands on skills and gear that allow you to kill more efficiently.

Unlock Your Gear’s Gem Slots

It costs 1,000 Mirian to unlock a gem slot, but you should start unlocking them as soon as possible. The stat boosts they add to your equipment is invaluable, especially the level boost Orcs get when you recruit them if you have a Wealth Gem slotted into your rune.

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