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Middle-earth Shadow of War: How To Get Better Weapons


Middle-earth Shadow of War: How To Get Better Weapons

How to Get Better Weapons in Middle-earth: Shadow of War

As you level up in Shadow of War, you’ll need to get better weapons regularly. If you don’t keep an eye on your gear, you’re likely to get outclassed by your ever stronger enemies. There are several ways to get more powerful weapons, and as long as you keep an eye out, there shouldn’t be any issue keeping a steady flow of new gear headed your way.

Kill Orc Captains for Better Weapons and Gear

The surest way to get new weapons, armor, bows, axes, and runes, is to kill enemy Orc Captains. Each time a captain goes down, they’ll drop a piece of gear that is the same level and rarity as they are. So a level 25 Legendary Orc Captain will drop a piece of equipment in that level range that will always be legendary quality.

Killing Orc Captains for weapons in Shadow of War has a colossal downfall though: you can’t recruit dead Orcs. If you want the best gear possible, that means you’re going to have to kill Epic and Legendary Orcs. Unfortunately, those same Orcs tend to make the best captains for your army. You only really want to kill captains if you have no interest in recruiting them, or if they have the Iron Will trait that prevents you from dominating them and you don’t want to go through the hassle of trying to remove it.

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