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Another Layton Game Is Scheduled to Come out Next Summer

Professor Layton, Akira Tago

Another Layton Game Is Scheduled to Come out Next Summer

More problems and more puzzles.

With Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy releasing later this week for the Nintendo 3DS, fans of the puzzle-solving series have a fantastic new entry to look forward to and if that’s not enough – there is yet another Layton game coming in 2018, according to a Level-5 interview with License! Global Magazine.

Not only does Level-5 plan on releasing a Layton game in the summer of 2018 but the Japanese company is planning some huge things with the property itself, primarily focusing on new ways for people to experience the series. “Animated projects and experimental live events” are currently in the works over at Level-5; we’ve seen animated films that take place in the world of Professor Layton, so hearing the news that more animated projects are on the way is no surprise.

Layton 7 has already released in Japan for mobile devices, so this 2018 title might be a western release of that game or it could be another title starring Katrielle. Whatever this game ends up being, we’re sure that fans of the franchise are no doubt excited.


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