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Jonathan Blow “Would Consider” Releasing The Witness on the Switch

the witness

Jonathan Blow “Would Consider” Releasing The Witness on the Switch

Here’s hoping.

The Witness was originally released back in 2016 for the PC and PlayStation 4 and was hailed by gamers and critics as one of the finest puzzle games ever made. Players find themselves stranded on a mysterious but beautiful island and must solve a series of increasingly difficult puzzles in order to reveal the islands secrets.

The game has since been released on several other platforms, including the Xbox One and mobile devices, and Nintendo fans have been wondering whether the game might see a release on the Nintendo Switch.

In a recent interview with GameSpot, The Witness creator Jonathan Blow stated that he would be interested in porting the game to the Switch but that there are no plans to do so right now.

“There certainly have been thoughts in the past,” he said. “There’s something I could say there, but I’m not sure if I can say it. You know, we would consider it. We’re not doing that right this second. We’re a very small studio and you can tell this iOS port took us a while. I think we did some other stuff before that, like we did the PS4 Pro HDR patch and upgraded stuff, and with Xbox One.

“We have limited work power to deploy for various things, we just need to know if there would really be a sizeable audience there, and we’re not sure about that right now. I don’t know; if it seems like it would be a potentially successful thing then we would look at it, but we’ve also been working on this game for a while. We’re kind of ready to do new stuff, so it’s not high on the priority list, but I’m not saying we won’t ever do it.”

Whilst there may be no immediate plans for a Switch release, it seems it would certainly be possible if there was enough demand from fans. Here’s hoping this wonderful puzzle game does eventually reach Nintendo gamers.


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