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Here’s How Each Destiny 2 Subclass Could Be Rebalanced


Here’s How Each Destiny 2 Subclass Could Be Rebalanced

Our wishlist for Destiny 2’s subclasses.

Hunter Class

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Arcstrider Subclass: Speed it Up

All of the Hunter subclasses took a bit of a hit when supers were nerfed to not make players nigh-invincible while using them from Destiny to Destiny 2. The subclass that got hurt the most by that though is the new Arc Hunter, the Arcstrider. It has a very similar (albeit improved) super as the Bladedancer that is just as effective at clearing adds but when set up correctly, can help stunlock and damage more powerful enemies too, but traded way too much survivability in return for it. It lost its ability to cloak and takes way more damage than it did before.

Arcstrider would benefit greatly from some kind of speed boost. Something that allows it to perform its job as crowd controller more effectively without reverting back to gameplay mechanics from the first game. It doesn’t need to be a straight speed increase, as that would probably break things on the PvP side of things. Instead, change/add to Lightning Reflexes. Make it so that if you take any kind of damage while dodging, the Arcstrider gets a massive speed boost to close in on its enemies. This can let it zip in, and out of, trouble without worrying as much about getting killed in the heat of battle. This could even be a stacking bonus that lets the Arcstrider attack faster too, making it more effective on major single targets too in Destiny 2.

Gunslinger Subclass: PvE Team Synergy

The Gunslinger has a lot of the same problems in Destiny 2 that it did in the original Destiny. It has a very useful nuke of a super, especially when used in conjunction with Celestial Nighthawk, but lacks synergy with the rest of the fireteam in PvE events. Sure, they are going for a “lone wolf” archetype here, but at the end of the day, Destiny 2 is a team game at its heart, and Gunslingers need more tools that work together with the team.

The best way to fix this problem would be to buff Chains of Woe. Instead of only increasing reload speed for nearby party members, it should do that plus more. Buffs such as increased precision damage, wider precision hitbox, AoE damage, etc. could allow Gunslinger to still be the lone wolf that goes for critical hits but also rewards the party members of skilled Gunslingers. This gives Gunslingers team synergy, without having to alter their identity.

Nightstalker Subclass: The Ultimate Tracker in PvP

Nightstalker, especially with the Orpheus Rig, is doing well, at least in PvE. Although it’s kind of BS that Calus can’t be affected by Shadowshot, but that’s worthy of its own rant. In Destiny 2’s PvP though, now that supercharged enemies can be killed normally, Shadowshot isn’t as useful as it once was. Shutting down supers is still nice but where it was the only way to stop certain supers in the first Destiny, that’s not the case. Really any super can stop any super now if used right. Plus, with 4v4 being the new standard mode, there are just less opportunities to catch multiple people with a tether. It’s still not useless, it’s just that you really need to be patient to make the Shadowshot super as effective as something that’s easier to use and more powerful like Golden Gun or Fist of Havoc.

Instead, what would give Nightstalker a better niche in PvP is if its tracking and trapping skills were played up more. Make Deadfall anchors harder to spot, allow Snare Bomb to track enemies that it doesn’t kill, or if you really want to get spicy, give Nightstalker an ability somewhere to track enemies Foetracer style for their team while supercharged. All of these wouldn’t do anything to make Nightstalker more effective in terms of its DPS, but rather would just give it more team synergy than it does now.

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