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GT Sport: What the Beta End Date Is


GT Sport: What the Beta End Date Is

What the GT Sport Beta End Date Is

The long wait for the new entry in the Gran Turismo series, GT Sport, is nearly over, with the game coming to PlayStation 4 next week. Thankfully, Polyphony has given fans the chance to test the game out before its release with a beta version being available on the PlayStation Store right now.

You can download the beta now and it will be available until 5pm EST/2pm PDT/10 pm BST on Oct. 14. Be warned, however, that this version of GT Sport comes in at over 40GB, so be sure to allocate some time for it to download if you don’t have super fast internet.

In the demo version, you are given access to parts of each of the GT Sport’s core modes: Sport, Campaign, and Arcade. In Sport you’re challenged to set a lap time and then you face off against other drivers, Campaign mode is all about missions and completing increasingly difficult objectives, and Arcade mode simply lets you jump into a couple of races if you’re getting to grips with the game. The game’s custom photo mode is also available, which lets you take incredible looking pictures of your favorite cars in real-world locations.

The best news is that much of your progress will carry over to the full game, should you pick it up. Any in-game credits, Mileage Points, or Cars you acquire will carry over, up to a certain threshold. And that’s all you need to know about the GT Sport beta’s end date.

GT Sport will release on October 17 and the beta is available now.

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