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God of War Gets a Short New Glimpse of Gameplay

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God of War Gets a Short New Glimpse of Gameplay

Still no firm release date.

Sony’s extremely anticipated next entry in the God of War series, simply titled God of War, received a brief glimpse of new gameplay today courtesy of the publisher’s Paris Games Week media showcase.

The trailer sees Kratos and his son encounter yet another foe that was frightening but friendly. Upon gazing upon the molten lava beast for the first time, Kratos’ son notes that his mother told him to stay far away from the creature lest he wind up in a world of hurt. The monster then proceeds to lift up a gate and walk away unmenacingly.

It seems as though this will be a theme throughout the game, as players will be kept on their toes as to whether or not a beast towering over them is friendly or not. It remains to be seen when exactly fans will get to experience this, as of at the time of this writing the title still has no release date. Rather, the blanket term “early 2018” has shown at the end of the video, which can be found below:

The trailer continues with Kratos and his son fighting off foes that magically appear from the ground. It’s interesting to note how the Greek demigod utilizes the environment to his advantage, throwing his ax at the ceiling to cut down a chandelier of flames.

God of War will (hopefully) release soon as a console exclusive on PlayStation 4. Here’s hoping it lives up to the expectations that fans have been building up for it so far and that Santa Monica once again delivers.

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