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Get Trippy With the Surreal World of Artifact 5’s Anamorphine


Get Trippy With the Surreal World of Artifact 5’s Anamorphine

Journey into the mind.

Artifact 5 is an indie developer with a new game called Anamorphine, and it looks like it could potentially be one of the trippiest titles out there on the market right now.

The game finds you exploring environments in the past in an attempt to resolve some issue that’s taking place in the present, according to the official description from the developer. There’s no dialogue or action button, and in addition to PlayStation 4 and PC support, you can use PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift to play along.

The game follows a man named Tyler who’s dealing with a wave of stress and is in “post-traumatic denial.” You’ll explore his memories of his wife Elena, who’s the victim of an accident that lowers her to a depressive mental state as she slips into depression proper. Tyler must learn to come to terms with his wife’s depression and his own response to it internally.

You’ll have to wade through a mixture of memories and the present, with a focus on mental health and loss. It’s going to be an interesting experience for sure, though it will be strange to play a game without any sort of action button. We’ll have to see how it ends up.


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