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5 Games That Will Make You Miss the Kinect


5 Games That Will Make You Miss the Kinect

Good night, sweet… Court jester?


Games That Will Make You Miss the Kinect

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Now that production of the Kinect has ceased, there will be no more neophytes among those who had this “85% magic, 15% frustrating” experience. While it’s common to, quite reasonably, accuse the accessory of being laggy, spatially demanding, and just generally not living up to how it was advertised, it was still a loyal servant to fun and awkward dance-offs and greater immersion (voice commands in dialogues of Mass Effect 3 being just one example). Today, we say goodbye to a device that was supposed to become a game-changer with a list of games that made up for having to move the furniture and yell at your TV every once in a while, starting with Gunstringer.

Kinect games were usually focused on movement and rhythm rather than compelling stories and likable characters. Then came Gunstringer, with its humorous take on spaghetti westerns, speedy and silly run and gun action, and a charismatic protagonist who seems just the guy to unleash the Skeleton War. The controls were simple and intuitive and it didn’t require a lot of space for the sensor. It wasn’t just the action and design that made Gunstringer fun — the game puts you into a marionette play with an audience that reacts intelligently to your performance, cheering and booing at your story choices and how you stylishly deal with bad guys. And if you find too few enemies to your liking, there is a trigger-happy activity that has players taking down ducks.


This post was originally written by Olga Ivanova.

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