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5 Games You (Probably) Missed out on in September 2017


5 Games You (Probably) Missed out on in September 2017

Worth going back to.

Knack 2

Games You (Probably) Missed Out on in September 2017

September really kicked off a busy few months for video game releases. With giant titles like Destiny 2, Cuphead, and Divinity: Original Sin 2 claiming the free time of many players in the month, a number of other, smaller releases got left by the wayside. Here are the five games you probably missed out on in September and deserve some of your time.

The first Knack wasn’t anything special. It had some neat ideas and definitely looked great, but the whole thing felt all too generic. That didn’t put off the team at Sony Japan, though, and they returned in September with Knack 2.

Knack 2 continues the story of the first game and sees Knack and his friend Lucas recounting how the city of NewHaven is currently being ravaged by a robot army. With many of the missteps of the first game resolved, Knack 2 is an improved experience. Its combat is engaging, visuals are great, and co-op is great fun when you get a friend involved. While its story is a tad predictable and the opening few missions can feel a little sluggish, for $40, Knack 2 is an enjoyable way to spend a few evenings.

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