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5 Games Like PUBG if You’re Looking for Something Similar


5 Games Like PUBG if You’re Looking for Something Similar

Take a look, if you’re after a fresh experience.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

Games Like PUBG

Fortnite: Battle Royale has been big in the news recently thanks to a controversial release and massive reception. The game came out a few weeks ago now, citing PUBG as it’s main inspiration, and sharing many elements with the game. Bluehole, the developer of PUBG, took issue with Epic over this game, saying that they “don’t feel that it’s right.” This debacle is still ongoing, but Fortnite: Battle Royale is out now as an early access title for consoles and PC. PUBG continues to be a dominating force on Steam, just recently setting another record for concurrent player-count.

Fortnite functions in many of the same ways as PUBG, in that it’s a third-person Battle Royale Shooter set on a huge map which slowly closes in until one player stands out on top. Some of the bigger differences in the game include the art-style, which is way more cartoon-ey in Fortnite, the lack of vehicles (the map isn’t as big, so there’s less need for transport), and the inclusion of building. Building is a major part of how Fortnite makes itself stand out – you can create your own defenses, towering high above the land which could give you a major tactical advantage in a clutch scenario. The game is definitely worth a shot, as a free alternative or even if it’s just to tide you over until PUBG hits the Xbox One.

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