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5 Fun New Features to Look Forward to in Super Mario Odyssey


5 Fun New Features to Look Forward to in Super Mario Odyssey

Odyssey means fun in the dictionary, if you didn’t know.


nintento, e3 2017

In past 3D Mario titles like Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Sunshine, Mario’s hat has been nothing more than a simple ol’ hat. It featured the famous “M” which of course stands for the name of our favorite mustachioed plumber and it was just that one thing that if gone missing, would make Mario look a bit strange.

But this time around in Super Mario Odyssey, Mario’s cap is named Cappy, and he serves not only as Mario’s ally throughout the game but lets Mario capture and pretty much possess most enemies that try to stop him in his journey to collect the power moons. Oh wait, did I say enemies? Scratch that. Mario can capture humans, taxi cabs, manholes, poles, fireballs, fish, and much much more. This new ability makes the adventure in Super Mario Odyssey that much grander and separates it from past 3D Mario titles. Being able to use all of these different abilities will add tons of replay value and provide numerous ways to play through the game. Now that sounds like a whole lot of fun to be had.

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