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Fire Emblem Warriors: How to Pair Up With Characters


Fire Emblem Warriors: How to Pair Up With Characters

Gotta strengthen those bonds.

Pairing Up With Characters in Fire Emblem Warriors

Just like in the main games, Fire Emblem Warriors also allows you to pair up your units in the battlefield to make them even more powerful. This will help to strengthen their bonds and relationships, and your partner can also shield you from attacks. Because the weapon triangle makes a return in this entry as well, your partner could always help you out against an enemy if he or she has the right weapon type that you don’t.

To pair up your units, have your character move towards the other character you want to pair up with. Hold down the ZR button, then press the B button to pair them up. If you want to take control of the second character, hold ZR and press the X button to change leaders. When your units are paired up, your Warrior Special power will also change. Whenever you activate it with the A button, both characters’ Special gauges will be depleted, but the attack will be much more powerful as well.

To break the pair, simply hold down ZR and press the B button again.

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