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Fire Emblem Warriors: Is There Multiplayer?


Fire Emblem Warriors: Is There Multiplayer?

Is There Multiplayer in Fire Emblem Warriors?

Fire Emblem Warriors is the latest Nintendo spinoff to hit Switch and New Nintendo 3DS, bringing characters from across the series together. Like most Warriors games, the focus is on single-player, but that doesn’t mean you and a buddy can’t jump into Fire Emblem Warriors in multiplayer. Although there isn’t any kind of online component to speak of, Fire Emblem Warriors does feature split-screen co-op.

This means that you and a friend can battle it out together in multiplayer, taking down hordes of enemies. Keep in mind that you can only play local co-op multiplayer on one Switch console, but you are able to do it while in both docked and handheld mode. In order to play co-op, you’ll need to advance the story just a little bit past chapter 1. After that, you should be able to have a second player join you in battle, by splitting the two Joy-Cons or using another kind of controller.

Once you’re on Map Preparation for any level you should be able to press the second stick for player 2 and have your friend join. Keep in mind that split-screen multiplayer only works on the Switch version of the game, and isn’t possible on the New 3DS one.

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