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Fire Emblem Warriors: How to Level Up Fast


Fire Emblem Warriors: How to Level Up Fast

Pay to win.

Leveling Up Fast in Fire Emblem Warriors

Each individual character in Fire Emblem Warriors has their own experience progress bar and will level up separately. Even if you might have four characters in your party when you go out on a mission, if you only control one character and beat all the enemies by yourself, it’s very likely that your preferred character will snatch up all the experience points while the rest will have a harder time leveling up.

In essence, if you want everyone to level up together, you should swap between your characters regularly to make sure everyone is receiving experience. However, this also means that you’re forced to play characters you might not like as much as some others. Thankfully, the game provides a neat little method for you to catch up on everyone’s levels without having to grind them out individually, but this will cost you a bit of gold.

In between missions, go back to Camp and choose the Training Grounds option. From here, you’ll be able to pay a fair bit of gold to have your characters increase their levels. Do note that the max level is capped at whatever level your strongest character is at, so you can’t really pay to win, but this is still a great method to keep in mind if the rest of your party is underpowered.

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