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Fire Emblem Warriors: How to Get Materials


Fire Emblem Warriors: How to Get Materials

Fill out those skill trees.

Getting Materials in Fire Emblem Warriors

Fire Emblem Warriors is the latest crossover project in the series. While there isn’t much tactical turn-based combat, the game still includes some of the core mechanics from the mainline franchise. Aside from its fast-paced musou action gameplay, the game also has a leveling system, support conversations, and permadeath.

Similarly, players can also unlock certain their skills outside of combat by investing in materials. Each character requires different materials to unlock certain new passive skills and combos. Take note that there are three tiers of materials ranging from bronze, silver, and gold. The only way to unlock them is by clearing through various courses and battling enemies. You should also increase the difficulty if you are trying to farm for rare materials.

It’s worth investing in these various materials as they can unlock some pretty useful skills. There are three skill trees in the game, each focusing on the different aspects of your character. You can raise your defenses against certain weapon types, equip powerful weapons, and increase item effectiveness by spending your materials.

Strengthen up your units in Fire Emblem Warriors by collecting different materials on the battlefield. If you need more help in the game, make sure to check out our other nifty guides!

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