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Fire Emblem Warriors: How to Play History Mode & What It Is


Fire Emblem Warriors: How to Play History Mode & What It Is

How to Play History Mode & What It Is in Fire Emblem Warriors

Fire Emblem Warriors is the latest Nintendo game to hit Switch and New 3DS, developed by Koei Tecmo this time around. Much like their previous title, Hyrule Warriors, Fire Emblem Warriors features a history mode, completely separate from the main story. The mode has some similarities to Hyrule Warriors, but it’s more in line with emulating classic Fire Emblem.

To play History Mode all you need to do is select the option from the main menu, but when you hit it you’ll see five different options. Each of the options corresponds to a map from a Fire Emblem game with, from top to bottom, Awakening, Fates, Shadow Dragon, The Blazing Blade, and Gaiden. Picking one of these options will take you to a 2D map with sprites on it, for your forces and the enemies. Basically you’ll just need to move your character to enemies, and you’ll start a Warriors battle. There are quite a few different battles and challenges to undertake on these maps, many of which are high level.

By playing these maps you can unlock new characters for play, outside of the story mode. Again these correspond to the respective games, like unlocking female Robin through the Awakening map. History Mode is probably going to take up the bulk of your time with Fire Emblem Warriors.

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